A Long Time Coming

I’m lucky enough to be working full time these days, but it has unfortunately meant that I don’t write as often.  Today, a piece of flash fiction that I had been working on for a few months got published on Every Day Fiction.  Here’s the link!


Hello Winnipeg!

A very, very short poem of mine titled “Winnipeg” will be coming out on Every Day Poets on Dec. 16.  Hope to see you there!

Comments Commenced

The great thing about writing online is that you get that immediate feedback.  People who research into education tell us that the quicker the feedback can come back the more good it can do for the learner, so I want to thank anyone who commented on my first published flash fiction piece.

Feedback was mixed, but I particularly liked the way a commenter named Steve Ramey put it:  “the writing alternated between clunky and clever”.  I would change the name of this blog to “Somewhere Between Clunky and Clever” if the name were a bit shorter.  It’s definitely me.

I’m not sure why I have so much trouble editing my own stuff when I can do a decent job editing the work of others, but it seems like I should set aside finished works a little longer so I can look at them with fresh eyes.  Hopefully it helps.

On a positive note, I’m very happy with the range of humor in that work.  The slush reader and commenters who liked it all found different things amusing.   Hopefully I can hit the same range the next time I try to write a little satire.

Paperback Writer is Online!

Every Day Fiction has just published my first flash fiction piece!   Go here to check it out! And, don’t forget to leave a nice rating (please!) after you finish reading it.

It’s tough to find time to write these days with so much lesson planning happening, but hopefully this will be the first of many stories to be published online!

Publishing Date

Alright!   I’m getting published on Every Day Fiction on Nov. 15th.  So be sure to check it out!  The piece is called “Paperback Writer”, just like the Beatles song but with much different content.


If you’re looking to read something to kill time until the 15th, I recommend this great article on Douglas Coupland from The Guardian.

Fresh New Site

Brand new site, brand new look, brand new reason to have a web presence.  This site is dedicated to providing links to where I get published online.

The big news is that Every Day Publishing has been kind enough to accept for publication both a flash fiction piece for their Every Day Fiction site as well as a short poem for their Every Day Poets site.

Updates will follow as I become aware of when these pieces will be published!